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RICH is…

R for Radboud

RICH was created to contribute to a shift in perspective at Radboud University.

A university educates its students and give them the knowledge and capabilities to make meaningful and science-based contributions to our world. Thus far, is has been common practice to segregate said knowledge into different fields and assign them to faculties spread throughout the university. While each discipline is individually making significant strides by publishing scientific articles, developing research techniques or finding new methods to apply in practice, we largely still view the faculties as detached from each other.

RICH would like to change that.

Support Group

I for Interfaculty

When we speak of facilitating “interfaculty collaborations” we mean that we encourage and enable researchers and students across all disciplines to work together and exchange know-how. Methods that are currently being applied in one field may be useful in another as well. Likewise, many research questions we pose could be explained from different perspectives and would profit from the viewpoint of another discipline.

The challenges are too complex to solve within one faculty alone - RICH strives to connect and find sustainable solutions.

Wooden Structure

C for Complexity

As professionals, we are constantly faced with complex issues. These “wicked problems” arise when faced with systems that are complex - meaning there are countless factors interacting with each other. When working with or conducting research on humans, for example, the needs, thoughts, behaviours and dispositions are influenced by countless aspects making them unpredictable as well as irreplicable. No two people or interactions are the same.

Each faculty has created their own expertise with which to research these complex systems and challenges and are thereby making contributions to Complexity Science.

RICH aims to cluster the collective knowledge attained around Complexity Science and make it available to the broader scientific community.

Darker corners always look better with a

H for Hub

First and foremost, RICH is a network of individuals. The researchers, students, knowledge and expertise already exist - what has been missing is a space for them to interact. Through coordinating open meetings, collaborative workspaces, joint projects, informative presentations, and one-on-one conversations, RICH actively fulfills this need.

RICH enables YOU.

The above gives you a first impression of what RICH is.

To find out what we intend to DO with our resources, please have a look at What are RICH goals?.

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