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Get involved at RICH.

Browse the boxes below to get an idea of our activities as RICH, and see if there's anything that might interest you!

Just a quick heads-up...

don't miss these upcoming events:

The RICH Monthly Meeting (September)

25 Sep 2023  (13:00-14:00)

Speaker: Dr. .Tom Oreel | the Department of Geriatrics at Radboud UMC

Topic: The use of dynamic indicators of resilience to examine the resilience of the Dutch healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic

Location: Vz vergader Openbaar, gebouw A, route 654, De Tjiftjaf

The meeting will be hybrid. Please email us to get the zoom link in case you want to attend it online.

Past events

Did you miss the event? Don't worry we can send you its record/PowerPoint. Send us an email with the event title:)

Student projects

Are you a bachelor's or master's student and looking for an internship or thesis project?

We're here to help match you with ongoing projects, or start a new interfaculty collaboration!

Course Catalogue

You would like to learn more about complexity science and earn credits towards your degree?

Check out the Complexity Course Catalogue for a convenient overview of courses with a summary, ECTS and potential prerequisites.

RICH own's Complexity Introductory Course 

We are currently developing a course aimed at 2nd/3rd year bachelor students to introduce them to complexity thinking. It will showcase how complex systems are present in all disciplines.  

Interested in RICH?

Feel free to contact us! We'll be happy to chat, meet,  and  collaborate,

You can also check out our social media.

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Looking forward to being in contact with you!

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