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Our goal:
For Radboud University
to be at the cutting-edge of
 contemporary science.

Radboud University's mission is to make "A Significant Impact" by focusing on key strategic themes, such as interdisciplinary collaborations, open science and innovation. Our goal at RICH is to promote this mission and set the focus on complexity thinking. 

RICH is... Student accessible.

It is one of RICH's core values to create opportunities for all students to further their understanding and skills regarding Complexity Science. We do this by:


(a) facilitating interfaculty student projects (e.g. thesis collaborations and internships).


To get an idea, check out past student projects here.


 (b) developing a complexity course catalogue which is available to students across various faculties.


See the catalogue here.

(c) showcasing interdisciplinary master's programs at Radboud University so that students with this sort of mindset can take their education where they want it to go.


See these interdisciplinary programs here.

RICH focuses on impactful research.

Our RICH network offers the opportunity to connect and collaborate with researchers from different domains. This is made possible through joint meetings and events which are specifically designed to stimulate conversation and an exchange of expertise. Together, Radboud University researchers will be enabled to tackle highly complex challenges by sharing their knowledge, approaches, and specific methods amongst each other. We believe this cross-collaboration will generate even greater discoveries in the world of science and set an example for other institutions to follow Radboud University's lead. 

See the events we have organized here.

Interested in RICH?

Feel free to contact us! We'll be happy to chat, meet,  and  collaborate,

You can also check out our social media.

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Looking forward to being in contact with you!

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