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The future of knowledge is a combination of transparency, complexity and collaboration.

What makes RICH unique?

Complexity Science is not a new invention. However, what RICH is bringing to the table is transparency. While much expertise around Complex System understanding already exists, it is scattered throughout various faculties and, more often than not, individuals don’t realize that they are involved in or even already contributing to the field of Complexity Science. We perceive a need for expertise to spread past the circumferences of specialistic circles and for it to be readily available to a larger public.


In a metaphorical sense: Everyone needs to lay their cards on the table so we can learn from each other. You provide the cards and RICH will provide the table.

Understanding complex issues is a challenge that unites us and a skill virtually anyone can profit from. Whether for research or in practice, we believe that the future of knowledge will be the capability to recognize the complex dimensions at play. While scientific circles can often feel like a closed community and reaching out to individuals outside one’s own field can seem daunting, we would like to make a statement by creating an open and accessible network. Anyone who is enthusiastic, curious and future-minded is welcome to join our complex network.

We are the first collective at Radboud University to attempt to introduce a complexity mindset throughout the university structures. Our mission is to shape the future of how modern science is conducted not only within one study program or faculty but throughout the entire institution. Achieving this will be a group effort. Together with our active members, we have devised a plan of action and are in the process of translating this into reality.

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Need a quick glimpse into our goals? Check out the presentation we gave at the Radboud Master's Fair here.

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