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Mapping Complexity’s Adjacent Possible: Where Are We (Not) Headed?

Brian Castellani (University of Durham)
Lasse Gerrits (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

27 September 2022

13:00 - 16:00 


(Spaces are limited. Please sign up to receive the location information)


     The origin and development of the complexity sciences is well-documented. Once deemed a minority interest, the complexity sciences have been taken up in many fields such that some of its aspects have become adopted generally. The complexity map by Castellani and Gerrits (2021) demonstrates this widespread popularity.


     A major challenge remains: the complexity sciences have run into a series of intellectual traps – e.g., quants over qual, poor knowledge of social science – which presently have the study of complexity on a bit of a problematic course. Looking to the future, can these present challenges be addressed? If so, to what extent or in what ways? What do such near and distant future adjacent possibilities look like? Can we map them? Where is the frontier of the complexity sciences headed, or not headed?


     The purpose of this highly interactive workshop is to explore the future (the adjacent possible) of the complexity sciences, and for participants to have an active hand in shaping what that future map looks like. We are inviting experts in complexity from all fields to Radboud University.

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