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The future of knowledge?
Complex understanding

Welcome to RICH,

the Radboud Interfaculty Complexity Hub.

We are a network of researchers and students at Radboud University and Radboudumc in Nijmegen with one common goal:

Find solutions to complex problems.

As humanity’s scientific research advances, we see that the questions we are interested in answering are becoming increasingly complex. The systems we are studying are composed of parts that are constantly interacting with each other in a non-linear, dynamic, and hard to predict way, giving rise to emergent qualities and behaviors. Examples of complex systems are our brains (and any other biological system for that matter), our emotions, our societies, our global climate, our transportation systems, and even ant colonies.


To help us understand the issues that arise from complex systems, a set of concepts, tools, and methodologies known as Complexity Science have been and still are in development.

For more information about Complexity Science, please have a look at our page What is Complexity Science?.

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Given that complex systems are present in all branches of science, Complexity Science demands an interdisciplinary approach. With this in mind, RICH was created to contribute to a shift in perspective. We connect individuals across faculties and institutes to work together and explore the possibilities to better understand complexity.


Only by using the knowledge and perspective each discipline offers can we effectively tackle greater issues. 


Through open meetings, collaborative workspaces, joint projects, informative presentations, and one-on-one conversations, RICH is a hub for all those interested in complexity. So, if you’re a researcher interested in collaborating, a student looking for an internship with an interdisciplinary approach, or simply someone curious about complexity science, contact us! We’ll be happy to have a chat.

For more information about us, Science,  have a look at our page What are RICH Goals?.

Interested in RICH?

Feel free to contact us! We'll be happy to chat, meet,  and  collaborate,

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Looking forward to being in contact with you!

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